Ignite Services

Ignite Services formerly known as Clarius Group is a contracting and recruitment service operating in 12 cities and over 30 offices around Australia. Ignite operates as a house of specialist brands across IT services, recruitment services, outsourced business solutions and contract management. Ignite specializes in the Architecture Construction & Engineering, Business Support, Accounting & Financial Services, HR & Legal, Information Management, IT & Digital, Sales & Marketing areas. Doing some searching around, I discovered that ignite was originally an IT company by the name of Candle computer services that began operations in 1984 as a software house, in 1997 it entered the Australian securities exchange as one of the biggest IT&T contract and permanent recruitment providers in Australia in 2007 they became Clarius (meaning clarity). Julian Sallabank is the current CEO of Ignite Services, having taken the position in December 2016 after previously being CEO/Director of student edge from 2010 – 2014.

My initial thoughts on Ignite were “OK, so what do they actually do?” After reading around and watching some videos I started to think, “oh, this is actually a pretty cool company”. I also realized that I have an aunt in England who does almost the exact same thing, gave me a little giggle.

I still have a bit of confusion as to exactly what services they provide and how it works, and reading through the annual reports doesn’t help me much, lots of words that aren’t meaning much to me now, “which information is important and which is useless? What’s with all the extra text from the chairman and re-branding and what not?”

Some things that stood out to me about clarius:

  • They get to know a business thoroughly before interviewing applicant to give the best results.
  • They have a few different services operating under one name Including:
    • Alliance recruitment
    • jav I.T group
    • Lloyd Morgan Australia
    • South tech
    • the one umbrella

Some questions that occurred to me:

  • Why are there so many footnotes and extra information?
  • wouldn’t it be more efficient to have the financial information as the primary information with only a little bit of text to explain it? Seriously, 63 pages of info that isn’t all related to the finances of the company is a bit much to me.
  • How do people find what they need in this? I already knew what i was looking for and i had problems. so much to read through.

ASS#1 Step 1

Hey guys, here is my ASS#1 Step 1

I’ll pretty much be submitting this to moodle, but i’ll leave it until a little bit before. If anyone could give me some tips i would really appreciate it.




Hello there, I’m madi and this is my first year of uni. I will be undertaking a ‘Bachelor of Property’ full-time. I live in Emerald and am studying via distance.

I hope that with some support i will be able to push through this stressful time.